See beyond static data to verify true identity

Digital businesses need a holistic, layered approach to unmask the true identity of a new account applicant. Relying on static identity data alone is ineffective, as it is easily stolen or spoofed by fraudsters.

Businesses must balance fraud prevention with customer experience: a risk-based approach using digital identity intelligence from ThreatMetrix® can verify low-risk users with minimal friction.

For added assurance, pre-integrated step-up services (including email and device checks) are available for high-risk application via Integration Hub. These can integrate seamlessly with existing decision flows, with minimal IT support and low friction.

The ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network® has 750 million unique email addresses and 700 million IP addresses; providing an enhanced view of a customer’s true digital identity. When combined with third party services this provides a holistic approach to detecting fraudulent new account registrations while maintaining low friction for trusted users.

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