Stop Cyber Criminals and Instantly Recognize Customers

Secure your business with the same digital identity solutions used by 3 of the top 4 credit card networks. See How It All WorksQ4 2015 Cybercrime Report

Our Digital Identity Network15 Billion annual transactions
4,000 customers worldwide
30,000 Websites

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Our Industry Experience


Real-time detection to minimize credit card fraud

Banking & Brokerage

Frictionless authentication for happier customers


Prevent account takeover, identity theft and malicious behavior

Payments & Lending

More Legitimate Loans · Less Processing Expense


Instantly Differentiate Customers from Cybercriminals


Stop Insurance Abuse
Detect attacks from compromised devices


Preserve Public Trust by Preventing Cyber Criminals from Accessing Government Resources


Stay out of the Headlines for a Medical Record Security Breach


Protect Against Fake User Content While Building Trust


Ensure a Fair Online Gambling Environment

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Cybercrime Report 2015

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