Royal Blue Not Your Color?

Aug 20Royal Blue Not Your Color?

Clicking on “Facebook Color Changer” App Will Leave You Purple —with Rage.

Okay you don’t like Facebook’s standard royal blue. Well there’s an app called “Facebook color changer” that promises to change the color of your Facebook page from royal blue to any color you choose.

Don’t click on it

However, if you click on it, writes Dave Smith on (link to article), you’ll end up rerouted to a malicious phishing site whose aim is infecting your computer.

10, 000 victims

The scam was discovered by Cheetah Mobile security researchers who say more than 10,000 people around the world have become victims. Smith writes that the app (maybe trap is a better word) works like this:

[When users click on the app, they are] directed to a phishing website that steals [user] Facebook “access tokens.” [Hackers] can use [the tokens] to connect with [users’] Facebook friends and spam them.

The Facebook color malware can also prompt users to download a separate video application, or a separate app if [they’re] using an Android phone. Both pieces of software contain malware, which could be used for more nefarious purposes than scamming [users’] friends, particularly if the malware can log…keystrokes or access other data points on [on users’ computers.]

How to get rid of it

Anyone inadvertently clicking on the “Facebook color changer” app can remove it by going to Facebook app settings. However, after removing the app, Cheetah Mobile recommends the user change his/her password.

After all this, you still can’t stand looking at a royal blue Facebook page. Then, go to Google Chrome and try the “Color My Facebook” add-on, which Smith notes, “lets you change the color scheme to pretty much any color you could think of.”

Wonder if it works for plaid.

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