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Now With VPN and Phishing Detection, ThreatMetrix Cybercrime Defender Platform Is Tougher Than Ever on Account Takeover and Fraud

By ThreatMetrix
ThreatMetrix®, The Digital Identity Company®, is the market-leading cloud solution for authenticating digital personas and transactions on the Internet. Verifying more than 20 billion annual transactions supporting 30,000 websites and 4,000 customers globally through the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network®, ThreatMetrix secures businesses and end users against account takeover, payment fraud and fraudulent account registrations resulting from malware and data breaches.
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The only online fraud prevention solution that offers virtual private network (VPN) and phishing detection with advanced device identification and malware protection, the latest ThreatMetrix™ Cybercrime Defender Platform supports an online business’s layered security approach. Ensuring secure, frictionless online transactions, the platform provides protection against account takeover attacks, fraudulent payments and spoofed identities.

Avivah Litan, vice president and distinguished analyst, Gartner Research, says, “Cybercriminals continue to use increasingly sophisticated methods to conceal their true IP addresses. The latest technique they are using to cover their tracks is hiding behind VPN servers. Without proper VPN detection, businesses are at high risk for revealing sensitive information to outside, fraudulent parties.”

ThreatMetrix™ is the first to introduce proxy-piercing technologies that exposed cybercriminals’ real IP addresses. However, over time, the bad guys have become more sophisticated and have taken to using VPNs to get around these technologies. To counter cybercrime’s latest move, ThreatMetrix developed a unique, new VPN detection capability that captures additional TCP/IP packet header attributes. This makes it possible to analyze network connection types from originating devices, such as Ethernet, 3G, WiFi, VPN et al. Detecting these connection types enables new sets of rules and alerts for fraud prevention, giving organizations a more accurate assessment of whether any given web request or transaction should be accepted, rejected or held for manual review.

In a typical phishing attack victims are sent to a fake, malicious Website, where they’re tricked into giving up names, passwords and other data. Once that’s done, they’re sent on to the real Website so they never know they’ve been scammed.

ThreatMetrix phishing detection exposes the referrer URL to the ThreatMetrix rules engine to determine if a device is connecting to a Website via unknown, suspicious or non-affiliated sources, thereby protecting the enterprise’s customers from phishing attack fraud, identity theft and account takeover.

“ThreatMetrix continues to raise the bar for the competition with industry-leading functionality in a cloud-based, easy to deploy, real-time cybercrime prevention solution,” said Alisdair Faulkner, chief products officer, ThreatMetrix. “Organizations no longer need to piece together multiple products from different vendors, thereby reducing implementation times and accelerating time-to-value.”

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