Safely grow online revenue and drive profits with the power of global shared intelligence

ThreatMetrix®, the Digital Identity Company®, provides an end-to-end platform for digital identity intelligence and trust decisioning.

Our solutions recognize up to 95 percent of returning website visitors. We instantly detect high-risk transactions and dynamically score them, enabling digital businesses to safely grow online revenue and personalize the digital experience for trusted customers.

With ThreatMetrix, sales conversion rates rise and fewer customers get flagged for review. Fraud, security and payment operations run more efficiently. Operational costs decrease and, best of all, fraudsters often leave for greener pastures.

We believe security doesn’t need to come at the expense of profitability. Security and fraud prevention simply needs to be better, not harder for legitimate customers. That’s profitability and security without compromise.

Our Awards

ThreatMetrix Award Winning Cybersecurity Technology


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Our Journey

At ThreatMetrix, our mission has always been simple: secure digital businesses from disruption by cybercriminals while helping them deliver an elegant digital experience to their customers.

Our journey started in 2005, and continues today with rapid innovations that protect digital transactions. These innovations have led to pioneering anonymized global shared intelligence, which is delivered through an end-to-end platform for the full management of authentication, fraud and identity decisions.

Our Patents

ThreatMetrix holds numerous technology patents, listed here, with several additional patent applications pending.

Our competitive advantage stems from our innovative technologies, the depth and breadth of the Digital Identity Network and the thousands of companies we serve globally.

Innovation is more than something we do. It’s part of our culture.

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