Digital Identities – The New Tool for Online Fraud Prevention

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Digital Identities for a Mobile First World

For business, the mobile-first, digital world we live in offers enormous opportunity for new revenue and if done right, long-term consumer loyalty.

Whether on their smartphone, tablet or other connected device, with each account sign-in, balance inquiry or mobile purchase, it’s a vote of confidence from end users that their digital identity is secure. But thanks to sophisticated and unseen cybercriminals, it can also be a pretty high-stakes game of chance for them – and you.

Thousands of times per day, digital fraudsters exploit undetected security loopholes in even the most well thought out security infrastructures. In fact, cybercrime is the number 1 threat to business today, costing more than $400 billion in losses each year.

The most successful cybercriminals take advantage of speed and distance – finding security loopholes and moving quickly to exploit them globally. At ThreatMetrix®, The Digital Identity Company™ we help business fight back through the power of global shared intelligence.

With nearly 95% certainty, ThreatMetrix can recognize a user’s digital identity – or digital persona – somewhere in the 1 billion+ transactions we analyze each and every month. The ThreatMetrix® Digital Identity Network inspects each digital transaction across applications, devices and locations in real time at lightning speed. Within 120 milliseconds, your company can have the confidence of knowing that a user’s digital identity is authentic – or not – and drive appropriate and decisive action, all in real time.

The result? ThreatMetrix Online Fraud Prevention allows your trusted users to transact their business seamlessly and without friction. You can correctly pinpoint suspect behavior and fraud attempts before costly damage is done to your customers and your brand.

That’s good for them and good for your business.