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The World’s Largest Digital Identity Network

ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network captures millions of daily consumer transactions including logins, payments and new account originations. Fraudulent activities are also captured in detail. Our platform applies advanced behavior analytics and machine learning algorithms to this enormous meta-data repository to detect user behavioral patterns and anomalies. The result is an amazingly fast and accurate user authentication and risk assessment based on actual history captured globally.

Digital Identity Intelligence

The Power of Digital Identity Intelligence: Harnessing Dynamic, Crowdsourced Intelligence

ThreatMetrix is unique in its ability to dynamically combine the four key pillars that define digital identity across all device platforms. These can be summarized as:

Device: Device identification, device health and application integrity.
Location: Detection of location cloaking or spoofing, (proxies, VPNs and the TOR browser).
Identity: Incorporating anonymized, non-regulated personal information such as user name, email address and more. Defining a pattern of trusted user behavior by combining identity and transactional metadata with device identifiers, connection and location characteristics.
Threat: Harnessing point-in-time detection of malware, Remote Access Trojans (RATs), automated bot attacks, session hijacking and phished accounts, then combining with global threat information such as known fraudsters and botnet participation.

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Dynamic Decision Platform

Operationalizing Digital Identity Intelligence Using a Dynamic Decision Platform

The ThreatMetrix Dynamic Decision Platform enables businesses to leverage shared intelligence from The Network to make real-time digital decisions. This is facilitated via the following key functions:

Digital Identity Graph

The Digital Identity Graph maps the ever-changing associations between people and their devices, locations, account credentials, and behavior to form an adaptive, global framework of anonymized user identities used for fighting cybercrime—without compromising privacy.

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