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Digital Identity Graph®

Leverage machine learning over billions of transactions for smarter cyber security

The World's First Digital Identity Graph

The Digital Identity Graph maps the ever-changing associations between people and their devices, locations, account credentials, and behavior to form an adaptive, global framework of anonymized user identities used for fighting cybercrime—without compromising privacy.

ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Graph

Just ask anyone working in fraud prevention, enterprise information technology, or even on the front lines of small business. The fact is, authentication and transaction verification procedures used in the analog world are increasingly outdated. The traditional credit bureau model based on knowing a name, physical address or social security number is almost a quaint anachronism of a bygone era. Countless data breaches long ago handed this static information to fraudsters. And in a globally connected world, compromised data spreads fast.

“The Digital Identity Graph allows us to leapfrog established authentication procedures that are widely known in the analog world.”

Andreas Baumhof, Chief Technology Officer

ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Graph establishes and anonymizes digital identities across the Internet to target cybercriminals

  • Despite the challenges of our Internet-connected world, never let it be said that privacy and security can’t mix. In the same way the Social Graph popularized by Facebook represents relationships between known individuals to better target advertising, the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Graph establishes and anonymizes digital identities across the Internet to target cybercriminals
  • The ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network harnesses real time shared intelligence from billions of transactions across tens of thousands of websites and hundreds of millions of devices worldwide to stitch together the digital identities of individual users by analyzing the myriad connections between devices, locations, behaviors, detected threats and critical, but anonymized, personal information
  • The resulting Digital Identity Graph, coupled with powerful decision analytics, allows the vast majority of transactions and authentication attempts to be verified in real time by comparing them to acceptable user behavior. High-risk anomalies are instantly and accurately identified for challenge or review. And, thanks to crowd-sourced feedback on a massive scale and advanced machine learning, you get a solution that grows more effective with each new transaction
  • In just milliseconds, you can differentiate between a cyber attack and a trusted user—without compromising privacy, adding friction to your users or burdening your business processes
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