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Endpoint Protection

Defend against end user devices stealing data, identities or money

Mitigate The Risk of Hidden Malware on Endpoints

Endpoint protection from ThreatMetrix features a small, lightweight software solution that end users can install on their devices. The lightweight client validates and protects sessions with your businesses and assists people in finding and eliminating security issues. A compliance check of your users’ systems is automatically performed when they attempt to authenticate and transact with online resource such as your banking website, corporate VPN or other remote access solutions. The endpoint data security solution mitigates the risk of hidden malware on computers that compromise authenticated sessions to steal data, identities or money. Our Endpoint solution protect in the following two ways.

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Secure Browsing

Secure browsing technology uses a combination of Web and client-based techniques to ensure that all browsing sessions accessing your web applications are secure. Our endpoint data security solution “Locks down” the transaction session with your website, preventing connections to foreign or untrusted servers during the session. Our solution also detects if any suspicious or unknown software or malware is running on your end user computers while transacting with your website.

Compliance Check

The client performs a deep examination of the user’s computer to ensure that it meets a minimum security level. Our solution verifies that antivirus, firewall and operating system patches have been installed and updates are current. The client detects cyber threats involving malware, trojans, Man-in-the-Browser, Man-in-the-Middle, viruses, phishing & pharming, keyloggers, rootkits, worms, browser re-direction and others. It is designed to work with and complement any existing security applications already running on a computer, such as antivirus, firewall and other anti-malware applications.

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