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Real-Time Passive Authentication to Minimize Credit Card eCommerce Fraud

Real Time Online Fraud Prevention

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Q1 2017 saw more than 80 million rejected transactions, representing a 45% increase over the previous year! Download Q1 2017 Cybercrime Report
Online merchants use ThreatMetrix to instantly authenticate legitimate customers while stopping cybercriminals armed with stolen identities and scripted bot attacks.

Consumers shy away from anything less than a frictionless online shopping experience. This presents a tough balancing act. Set fraud controls too loosely and risk credit card chargebacks. Set them too strictly and lose sales.
ThreatMetrix passively authenticates online guests at the point of sale. Our powerful analytics block threats and recognize identities by the ever-changing associations between people their devices, locations, account credentials and behaviors.

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Increase Sales by Accelerating Customer Checkout

When it comes to online shopping, consumers have plenty to choose from. They want smooth, efficient service, and they demand security, but they don’t like being treated like cybercriminals. Unfortunately, step up authentication impedes their experience and often makes them feel this way. ThreatMetrix passive authentication recognizes legitimate customers, enables a personalized experience and frictionless checkout.

ThreatMetrix helps Ebates and our online merchant
partners reduce first-time and recurring fraud incidents
without impacting our customers’ online experiences.
- Kevin H. Johnson, President and CEO, Ebates

Reduce Costs of Credit Card Fraud Chargebacks and Fees

Many eCommerce systems were developed around the principles of an open Internet. While this is beneficial in a research environment, it provides cybercriminals the same points of access as for legitimate customers. Stopping cybercriminals with smart authentication before they access your business systems reduces the volume of manual transaction reviews and chargebacks. This drives cost savings and operational efficiencies, and it frees up valuable human resources to better serve customers.

We integrated ThreatMetrix 4 years ago. Since then we’ve consistently managed to maintain a low chargeback rate and high conversion despite what fraudsters throw at us. - Matthew Davies, Badoo

Prevent Use of Stolen Credentials to Create New Identities and Accounts

Cybercriminals relentlessly attack online merchants with stolen identities, user credentials and scripted bot attacks. When they are recognized, fraudsters are often equipped with answers to challenge questions and other personally identifiable information to bypass step up authentication. The abundance of stolen personally identifiable information makes static authentication highly unreliable. Dynamic authentication based on device, location, identity and threat intelligence provide high-fidelity authentication in real time. Behavior intelligence identifies patterns of normal behavior, and ultimately identifies behaviors that deviate from the norm, which can then be flagged as high-risk.

Our business intelligence platform gives us a real competitive advantage by helping e-commerce companies increase revenue. ThreatMetrix provides an essential part of our intelligence, giving us a tool that is highly effective in mitigating risk.

- Philipp Bock, Founder and CEO, Allpago International

Detect Compromised Accounts Across Multiple Channels

Mobile and cross-border transactions are growing rapidly. Despite their growth, these transactions are generally rejected at a high rate because retailers don’t recognize returning customers or simply block broad geographies where fraud is common. Fraudsters often attempt to hide behind location and identity cloaking services such as hidden proxies, VPNs and the TOR browser. To detect compromised accounts, it’s important to understand customer login attempts across web and mobile channels (even when cookies are deleted or disabled) and to recognize suspicious devices and locations.

ThreatMetrix is always one step ahead of the cybercriminals who are evolving and adapting their strategies. ThreatMetrix technology is state-of-the-art and the fact that it continues to innovate and release new capabilities is key for us. - Clemens Henle, Chief Operating Officer,

What Our Customers Say

“ThreatMetrix helps us maintain our outstanding reputation by protecting our customers. Plus, we are growing our business because ThreatMetrix keeps good customers from being unhappy.”

People gathering around a mobile phone depicting a lack of mobile app security leading to fraudulent media transactions

Account Takeover

Cybercriminals armed with user IDs and passwords login to customer accounts and commit fraud. This can have devastating impacts to your customers, business and brand. ThreatMetrix detects account takeover attempts in real time by stopping fraudsters at the front door.

Solution Brief
Digital numbers depicting cross-channel identification and online gaming fraud

Fraudulent Account

Fraudsters often use false and stolen information to open new accounts. These fraudulent accounts are then used to obtain merchandise and purchase gift cards. ThreatMetrix supports risk-based decisioning that prevents fraudulent accounts.

Solution Brief
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Transaction Fraud

eCommerce sites must make instant decisions about card-not-present (CNP) transactions. ThreatMetrix provides a layer of protection that detects stolen credit cards and identities at the point of sale ensuring that online transactions are legitimate.

Solution Brief

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