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Real-time passive authentication to detect fraudulent and compromised accounts

Streaming media sites, social networks, forums and digital content websites use ThreatMetrix® to prevent fraudulent accounts, detect compromised accounts and eliminate offensive or inappropriate user-generated content.

Digital media customers want relevant, high-quality content, and they want it fast. But, cybercriminals are increasingly using hijacked and fake identities for illicit schemes ranging from credit card fraud to social engineering and points between.

ThreatMetrix uses real-time, behavior-based fraud protection to ensure visitors are who they claim to be, helping stop fraud before it impacts your customers and business.

User accounts created using fake or stolen identities can be used to commit fraud and can have a significant effect on brand perceptions. Customers also feel alienated when their accounts get compromised or when they get tricked into disclosing personal details by a cybercriminal masquerading as one of your employees.

ThreatMetrix identifies fraudsters even when they have valid login credentials or personal details, and we do this transparently so legitimate users can continue with their business uninterrupted.

When a data breach occurs, fraudsters launch large-scale credential testing sessions that cause huge transaction spikes. Because people tend to reuse passwords, some fraction of login attempts will be successful.

Once this happens, curated lists of known password and login combinations are taken to other sites to launch slower attacks designed to emulate human behavior and evade rate controls set in web application firewalls.

ThreatMetrix identifies bots and works with network security systems to keep your business and customers safe.


A behavioral approach correlating users, devices and personal characteristics is the only way of detecting fraudulent activity that follows approved business logic. ... Web behavior analytics is a formative market, but ThreatMetrix has been able to channel its ability to identify users and devices into business benefits for website operations.

— Eric Ogren, David Immerman, 451 Research, May 2016

Behavioral analysis looks at suspicious activities, spam or malicious acts in real time and associates it with connected “entities,” such as email addresses, transactions, accounts, devices, IP addresses, geolocation, proxies and physical addresses.

ThreatMetrix delivers this real-time linking of a current transaction to related transactions around the globe. Behaviors are then scored for divergence (anomalies) or convergence (similarities) between current and historical attributes. This gives a truly comprehensive view of fraud and security.


One of the biggest pluses of ThreatMetrix is that it is flexible to my business requirements. I don’t have to reengineer my business to the limitations of some technology. I can set rules and transaction scoring specific to certain games and publishers. It gives us the flexibility to respond immediately to potential fraud attacks.

— Stacy Martin, Director of Customer Support, Offerpal Media

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