Fraud Prevention

Telco Subscription Fraud: Why Fraudsters are Targeting Telecommunications

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting the telecommunications industry, and finding fast money in account takeovers and subscription fraud.

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Jason Lane-Sellers
Posted July 17, 2018
Fraud Prevention

World Cup Russia 2018: Running the Fraud Defenses Ragged

Fraud defenses are being hit hard during the 2018 World Cup, as bot attacks affect online gambling companies and identity spoofing affects online travel.

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Alisdair Faulkner
Posted July 12, 2018
Fraud Prevention

Protecting the New Frontier of Sports Betting in the U.S.

The recent decision by the Supreme Court will enable sports betting in the U.S., but with this decision comes a vulnerable new playing field for fraudsters.

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Nick Jacobs
Posted July 10, 2018

European Businesses Turn to Mobile as the Secure Digital Channel

Although the volume of attacks on mobile transactions is rising, it will remain the more secure digital channel in Europe for the foreseeable future.

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Lizzie Clitheroe
Posted July 5, 2018
Risk-Based Authentication

3D Secure 2.0: A Paradigm Shift

3DS 2.0 has been introduced to address the shortcomings of 3DS 1.0 in the modern eCommerce landscape – looking to help secure payments while offering an improved user experience during the checkout process.

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Alisdair Faulkner
Posted July 3, 2018
Fraud Prevention

Mind the Gap: Tax Fraud Prevention in the Digital World

The rapid transformation to a digital world has undoubtedly streamlined processes and raised expectations for the average consumer. People now expect a secure, frictionless digital experience, whether they are buying something from a retailer, donating to a charity, or filling...

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John Elmer
Posted June 28, 2018
Data Breach

Imposters Targeting Your Employees: 3 Keys to Effective Workforce Authentication

As if cybercriminals trying to crash your gates weren't bad enough, many are impersonating your employees and contractors to do it. Are your workforce authentication systems up to the challenge?

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Daniel Welch
Posted June 25, 2018
Payment Fraud

The Device Deception: Top Tips for Payment Processors

Device spoofing continues to represent the highest attack vector for payment processors as fraudsters attempt to slip past device recognition systems.

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Stephen Topliss
Posted June 21, 2018

The European Cybercrime Landscape Heats Up as Identity Abuse Increases by 30%

As Europe navigates a time of intense change, one constant is the steady increase in the rise of identity abuse in the region, which digital businesses face.

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Lizzie Clitheroe
Posted June 19, 2018

Three Top Cybersecurity Trends Shaping the Future of Global Banking

Three key cybersecurity trends are forming on the digital banking front, and could have enormous implications on growth strategies through the second half of the year and beyond.

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Frank Teruel
Posted June 14, 2018
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