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Eating at P.F. Chang’s Could Give You Heartburn — And Not Because of the Food.

By ThreatMetrix
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Wendy’s once ran an iconic ad campaign “where’s the beef?” P.F. Chang’s may have its own version, “where’s the breach?” And, if you’re a P.F. Chang’s patron, who used a credit or debit card, you have to be wondering.

Brian Krebs in his blog,, reported that the restaurant chain is “investigating claims of a data breach involving credit and debit card data reportedly stolen from restaurant locations nationwide.”

He writes that earlier this month thousands of stolen credit and debit cards were being sold on an underground store that also sold “tens of millions of cards stolen in the Target breach.” And he adds, “A new ad that debuted on June 9 for a fresh batch of cards apparently stolen from P.F. Chang’s China Bistro locations.

“The ad for the Ronald Reagan batch of cards also includes guidance for potential customers who wish to fund their accounts via Western Union or MoneyGram wire transfers, advice that strongly suggests those involved in this apparent heist are once again from Russia and Eastern Europe:”

You can find Krebs’ full article by clicking on this link.

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