Introducing the Definitive Guide to Digital Identity #NextGenID

Posted November 1, 2017

Introducing the Definitive Guide to Digital Identity #NextGenID

As a career marketer, I’ve been fortunate to have led go-to-market strategy for several successful companies. It helps that I’m passionate about what I do and, as with all things in life I suppose, it’s not difficult to work hard at something that feeds a natural curiosity. It helps when the product itself is truly remarkable.

From my very first exposure to ThreatMetrix, I became fascinated by the potential of our digital identity solutions. During the past few years, I’ve seen that potential realized at equally remarkable companies that have literally changed the rules in their industries through innovative thinking combined with the ability to execute at scale.

We have plenty of case studies about these forward-thinking organizations on the ThreatMetrix website. But on the road to success in any go-to-market, there’s a fine line between promoting a product and educating the market.

We’ve built the ThreatMetrix website to serve both functions. But we’ve felt for a while now that the markets we serve need a more dedicated effort for education about digital identity. While we’ve been at this for nearly a decade, the concept of digital identity is still nascent to many. And lately there’s been a lot of new interest and solution providers throwing their hats in the ring.

This, in a way, is good for the market. But how can we break through the noise to open up the dialog about digital identity without clouding the discussion with product promotion?

I’m happy to announce that our approach to this is now available for you at The Definitive Guide to Digital Identity.

We developed this resource to advance the global understanding for the commercial applications of digital identity. We want to open a conversation and participate in the dialog around digital identity, so we are making The Guide open to contributions from our business partners and other thought leaders.

As a commercial enterprise, we have a vested interest here, but there’s a greater good as well. That is helping businesses and the digital economy grow to their potential despite the obstacles that cybercriminals place in the way. Cybercrime hinders business growth and affects us all in many ways.

The harsh reality is that all of our businesses have grown up around the Internet, but so has cybercrime. We created The Guide because we believe digital identity represents an entirely new paradigm for identity assessment and authentication required for digital businesses to thrive amidst this modern reality.

Here is a brief summary of what you’ll find in The Guide:

Chapter One: Digital Transformation in the Post-Breach Era: In the post-breach era, how can businesses go digital with confidence?

Chapter Two: The Digital Customer Journey: What is a disjointed digital experience costing your business—and how do you fix it?

Chapter Three: What is Digital Identity?: How do you establish identity and make accurate trust decisions in the blink of an eye?

Chapter Four: Digital DNA: What are the building blocks of digital identity, and why does it matter to business?

Chapter Five: Digital Identity Intelligence: How does digital identity get smarter over time—and how does it spot fraud?

Chapter Six: The Network Effect: What is a Digital Identity Network, and why can’t businesses go it alone?

Chapter Seven: Real-Time Threat Detection: If the legitimacy of both user and device are verified, how can a transaction still be at risk?

Chapter Eight: The Digital Identity Maturity Model: Is your organization ready for digital identity, and what lies ahead on your path through digital transformation?

Chapter Nine: Getting Started: Digital identity is what we need to face the threat landscape, but how do we get started?

I hope you’ll take a look at the initial nine chapters, and let me know what you think either by commenting below or connecting with me on the social platform of your choice. You can also join in the conversation at #NextGenID.

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