Digital Identity Summit Ushers in a New Era for the Digital Economy

Posted September 25, 2017

Digital Identity Summit Ushers in a New Era for the Digital Economy

Our Digital Identity Summits are always educational experiences for me. Our San Francisco edition, which concluded last week, featured 40 speakers across 28 main stage and breakout sessions during three information-filled days. The notable speaker lineup included experts from Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, LexisNexis, Netflix, PwC and more.

Keynote speaker Brian Krebs, alongside varied customer presentations and breakout sessions, provided the 420 attendees with first-hand knowledge and information around practically all aspects of the digital economy.

But, I’ve often found that the one-on-one interactions can deliver the greatest insight.

In ThreatMetrix We Trust

One individual at our Summit reception said to me…“We trust that you’re going to continue to innovate and continue to help push this space forward.”

To be honest, I was really struck by his comment. It was a tremendous compliment, and at the same time, a very humbling accolade. It underscores the huge responsibility that has been bestowed on ThreatMetrix by digital businesses around the world – a responsibility that we take very seriously.

We are honored and privileged to be seen as a driving force in the digital identity space. It demonstrates a level of trust that has been built over the years. But, it is a trust that we must continue to earn on a daily basis.

Dawn of A New Era

Of course, trust is critical in the digital economy. That was on strong display during Summit, as it was a theme woven into virtually every session.

It was also evidenced in our announcement of ThreatMetrix IDTM, which provides a unique, anonymized identifier for every recognized user in our Digital Identity Network®. This revolutionary advancement is the world’s first and only global digital ID, and ushers in a new era of trust and identity in the digital economy.

This new era is filled with opportunity and bolstered by innovation and collaboration – all to help businesses make better trust decisions.

Until We Meet Again

As our San Francisco event drew to a close, marking the end of another year of the global Digital Identity Summit series, I was left with a sense of excitement about what the future holds for the digital economy.

And, I began looking forward to our next gathering in May 2018 in Paris, followed by our global event at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA later in the year — not only to see what insight will be shared, but also to see how the exciting technology innovations we unveiled at Digital Identity Summit 2017 will have affected the digital economy.

Until then, to quote one of our Summit presenters, Hany Razy of, “Long live digital identity.”

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