Powering and Securing the Digital Economy

Posted July 9, 2017

Powering and Securing the Digital Economy

As the digital age accelerates, established giants and ambitious startups are transforming entire industries—and creating new ones—more rapidly than ever before.

By 2022, digital business will drive 25 percent of the world’s economy. As the digital economy gathers pace, so does the rate at which you are processing payments, logins and new account openings – the life blood of any digital business.

Each of these transactions is a crucial trust decision that your business must make. The excitement and trust your brand engenders in your customers must be paired with complete confidence that the people with whom you do business are indeed who they claim to be.

Success in the digital economy comes down to identity: Accurate identity decisions at speed and at scale.

Profitability and Security Without Compromise

Enabling a secure, friction-free brand experience is critical to delighting customers, and driving up online revenue, while avoiding the kind of online fraud that causes enormous reputational damage and financial losses that could soon top $8 trillion worldwide.

This requires the ability to defend against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks that leverage stolen identity information compromised through countless corporate data breaches in recent years.

And it means doing it all without your customers noticing a thing.

Understanding Identity the ThreatMetrix Way

There are nearly 3.5 billion people on the Internet. These are your customers – complex, living, breathing and buying beings. And, at ThreatMetrix, we happen to know more than 1.4 billion of them.

ThreatMetrix has developed a system that can help you authenticate your customers with far more accuracy than the traditional methods that so many businesses still rely on. It’s about a lot more than just their names, devices, passwords or their credit history. It’s about their personas, their behaviors and their intent.

By utilizing our network of global shared intelligence, we’re able to establish a digital footprint – a digital identity – for each of these individuals in a way that’s unmatched by any other platform on the planet.

This intelligence is the foundation of the world’s most powerful engine for making transaction decisions in real time, to ensure fast and seamless digital business. What’s more, this information is captured in a completely anonymized way to keep data and identities private and secure.

Businesses gain revenue, insight and security through a single solution. Fraudsters get blocked from gaining access. And your customers get one effortless experience in real time, without interruptions, unnecessary questions, step-ups or roadblocks.

Best of all, our system gets smarter every moment of every day to power and secure the digital economy and make it available to anyone, at any time, through any device at hand.

Living the ThreatMetrix Brand

As CMO, I never cease to be humbled and inspired by the vision, innovation, passion and purpose our teams bring to bear for clients every day, everywhere around the world.

Every day, we’re working to obliterate complexity, upend industry axioms and do things better, smarter, and faster.

And as cyberthreats continue to morph and mutate over time, our expertise, relentless drive, and technological innovation will be called upon to empower organizations with the solutions they need to meet their unique businesses challenges.

There’s really never been a more exciting time to be in business. And we’re here to keep it that way by making digital business safe and seamless across borders, geographies, industries and categories — no matter what the bad guys throw your way.

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