ThreatMetrix Global Shared Intelligence Provides Real-time Insight for More Accurate Decisioning


This global solutions company is a leading provider of information, business intelligence and point-of-care solutions for the healthcare industry. Among its many products, the company offers an evidence-based, physician-authored clinical decision support resource that synthesizes the most recent medical information. Medical centers, hospitals, and institutions subscribe to and rely on the online resource for improving patient care, quality, and outcomes.

With ThreatMetrix, companies can access more data and go beyond device fingerprinting to capture a holistic view of connecting users.

Business Problem

Subscription-based web services enable consumers to obtain instant access to news, information, movies, and more. However, providing immediate access to goods or services allows little time for businesses to determine whether a person attempting to gain access is in fact a trusted user. Subscription sharing and unauthorized access are major challenges these businesses face, as they can greatly impact the bottom line.

Like many subscription-based web services, this global healthcare solutions company experienced users attempting to share accounts or obtain unauthorized access to its online clinical support resource. Although the company’s existing fraud detection solution provided basic usage data and device fingerprinting, it had limited capabilities and lacked real-time insight. As a result, the company was unable to immediately block non-compliant or unauthorized users at the time of access, preventing the company from taking a proactive approach to protecting their online information.

By differentiating good users from bad actors in real time, ThreatMetrix enables companies to switch from taking reactive to a proactive approach to fraud detection.

The healthcare company needed real-time insights and decisioning capabilities to help them better understand the behavior of connecting users in order to ensure user compliance and immediately block unauthorized access attempts.

Leveraging ThreaMetrix Intelligence to Go Beyond Device Fingerprinting

Leveraging Digital Identity Intelligence from ThreatMetrix, the healthcare company created rules related to devices, email addresses, locations, and other attributes to clearly identify users who wiped cookies, disabled Flash, used hidden proxies, or attempted to spoof their location. Individual risk weights and overall policy scores helped the company evaluate the riskiness of a login in real time and take appropriate action, such as whether to review, pass, reject, or step-up the login attempt. This was supported by the flexibility of the ThreatMetrix Policy Engine, which allows customization that helped the company incorporate their own processes and tolerance for risk by fine tuning and automating responses to online transactions for agility, simplicity and efficiency.

The ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network harnesses global shared intelligence from millions of daily consumer interactions to create a unique digital identity for each user by analyzing the myriad connections between devices, locations and tokenized personal information.

Long-Term Success

This global healthcare solutions company is committed to supplying healthcare providers with the knowledge necessary to make confident decisions regarding patient care, while ensuring user compliance and maintaining security by preventing unauthorized access attempts. ThreatMetrix supports the company with the following key capabilities:

  • ThreatMetrix SmartID identifies returning users that wipe cookies, use private browsing and change other parameters to bypass device fingerprinting. This improves returning user detection and reduces false positives.
  • ThreatMetrix deep connection analysis technologies give this company a clearer view of suspicious events. Fraudsters often attempt to hide behind location and identity cloaking services such as hidden proxies, VPNs and the TOR browser. ThreatMetrix accurately detects the use of these technologies and, in the case of proxies and VPNs, allows the company to see the true IP address, geolocation and other attributes of each login event.
  • ThreatMetrix ID bridges online and offline data elements for each transacting user and goes beyond device-based analysis, grouping various other entities based on complex associations formed between events, consistently identifying a person irrespective of changes in devices, locations or behavior.

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