ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Intelligence Helps Moni Gain Insight into Underbanked Consumer User Behavior to Accurately Differentiate Good Users from Bad Actors in Real Time


Moni is a financial services provider with operations in Argentina and Mexico. They serve approximately 60,000 clients and strive to provide financial services to underbanked consumers, helping them establish credit histories. Moni offers money in advance, medium term credits and bill payment services through an innovative digital platform.

Business Problem

A large portion of the global population does not have access to affordable financial products and services that meet their needs. Having a transaction account, such as a checking or savings account, facilitates day-to-day living by allowing people to store money, send and receive remittances, obtain funding, and plan for unexpected emergencies. However, such products and services are often difficult for certain groups including immigrants, young people, the poor, and micro or small businesses to obtain due to affordability, lack of credit history, lack of required documentation, or lack of access to a financial service provider.

Fortunately, the increased distribution of mobile phones and emergence of Fintechs has created an innovative and competitive environment, facilitating the process of financial inclusion at low cost and risk.

Moni recognized the need to offer affordable and relevant products and services to those with limited or no credit history, however this presented challenges in determining the legitimacy of a transacting user. Although Moni utilized public data sources in combination with their own internal database to detect fraudulent activity, they needed a more effective solution to accurately differentiate trusted users from fraudsters in real time.

Leveraging ThreatMetrix Intelligence to Positively Identify Good Users
ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network harnesses global shared intelligence from millions of daily consumer interactions to create a unique digital identity for each user by analyzing the myriad connections between devices, devices, locations and tokenized personal information.

The amount of data we’re able to leverage from ThreatMetrix has enabled us to detect and investigate changes in user behavior and greatly improve our decisioning capabilities.

Federico Fazzari, Fraud Analyst, Moni

ThreatMetrix market-leading Dynamic Decision Platform integrates intelligence from The Network with behavioral analytics and machine learning capabilities, and also incorporates third-party data sources for exception handling. Case management helps monitor, update and isolate transactions that require additional review.

Using ThreatMetrix, Moni is able to leverage real-time intelligence around a transacting user’s true digital identity, despite a user having limited or no credit history. Digital personas connect users with their related attributes and activity, such as email addresses, payment details, past transactions, accounts, devices, locations, and more. Using these attributes, Moni configured Persona Behavior Rules to examine and detect anomalies and suspicious behavior as well as to positively identify good users in real time. With ThreatMetrix robust decisioning capabilities, Moni was able to more accurately detect fraudulent activity and improve operational efficiency.

ThreatMetrix provides us with the flexibility to modify policies and define rules specific to our business environment.

Federico Fazzari, Fraud Analyst, Moni

Long-Term Success

Moni is committed to providing financial services to underbanked consumers, while also reducing friction and improving the overall customer experience. ThreatMetrix supports Moni with the following key capabilities:

  • ThreatMetrix SmartID identifies returning users that wipe cookies, use private browsing and change other parameters to bypass device fingerprinting. This improves returning user detection and reduces false positives.
  • ThreatMetrix deep connection analysis technologies give Moni a clearer view of suspicious events. Fraudsters often attempt to hide behind location and identity cloaking services such as hidden proxies, VPNs and the TOR browser. ThreatMetrix accurately detects the use of these technologies and, in the case of proxies and VPNs, allows Moni to see the true IP address, geolocation and other attributes of each event.
  • ThreatMetrix ID™ bridges online and offline data elements for each transacting user and goes beyond device-based analysis, grouping various other entities based on complex associations formed between events, consistently identifying a person irrespective of changes in devices, locations or behavior.

Moni Detects Trusted Users Among Underbanked Consumers

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