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Key Benefits

  • Increase transaction acceptance with less risk
  • Comply with changing regulatory requirements
  • Simplify onboarding and underwriting of good merchants

The growth in digital commerce is creating enormous opportunities for payment processors to drive revenue, yet has also precipitated a dramatic rise in fraud and new government regulation. Digital business will account for 25 percent of the world’s economy by 2020 while online card fraud is expected to reach more than $70 billion by 2022. In this dynamic market, payment processors face competitive, fraud and regulatory challenges. Success for payment processors hinges on growth and onboarding of legitimate merchants. Payment processors need to provide an integrated fraud management solution that increases transaction acceptance, helps merchants defend against chargebacks and compliance violations, and simplifies the merchant underwriting process.

The size and scale of the ThreatMetrix Network matches our customers’ demands for accurate global digital and threat intelligence.

ThreatMetrix Solution for Payment Processors

ThreatMetrix integrates with payment processors to help merchants increase conversion rates and dramatically reduce fraud and regulatory fines. At the heart of this solution is the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network, which provides insight on the digital identities of connecting users. By analyzing these digital identities, established behaviors, and the presence of any threats, the solution distinguishes between legitimate users and cybercriminals instantly—without adding user friction. The solution protects payment processors and their entire merchant base while offering new, differentiated services and additional revenue sources to:

  • Increase transaction acceptance with less risk

ThreatMetrix integrates with payment processor platforms to enhance merchant fraud management offerings and drive efficient processing. The solution prevents friction by transparently analyzing users’ identity, location, device and threat data from the Digital Identity Network. ThreatMetrix provides behavioral analytics and machine learning capabilities to lower chargebacks by detecting the use of stolen payment cards and cybercriminal activities. The solution increases fraud management efficiency by empowering analysts with the case management capabilities they need to handle a large volume of potentially fraudulent events.

  • Comply with changing regulatory requirements

Payment processors can address changing regulatory requirements and identify illicit or location-sanctioned transactions. ThreatMetrix evolves with changing regional and global regulatory needs by meeting requirements for risk-based authentication and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), such as the revised payment services directive (PSD2). The solution detects location violations by revealing the characteristics of each user’s connection, including the use of any proxies, VPN and TOR connections. Access attempts from restricted locations can be identified and flagged in real time.

  • Simplify onboarding and underwriting of merchants

ThreatMetrix helps payment processors understand the legitimacy behind a merchant application to reduce fraud at the point of new merchant account creation to avoid wasting time and resources on fraudulent accounts. Using dynamic data and global shared intelligence, the solution matches actual device information with stated user information. The solution detects identities used across different geographies, IP addresses, time zones, and languages. ThreatMetrix can also identify multiple accounts created from a single device, and computer-generated emails or names.

Supporting Long-Term Success

With an effective integrated fraud management platform, payment processors can grow revenue by quickly onboarding legitimate merchants and helping them to accept more transactions while reducing costly chargebacks. With ThreatMetrix, payment processors can tailor the solution to meet the varying and evolving fraud and security needs of each of their merchants.


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