digital identity intelligence

ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Intelligence performs risk-based scoring of transactions in real time

Our highly unique approach to authentication and fraud prevention uses dynamic behavioral history from across the Digital Identity Network® – creating true digital identities that can’t be faked or replicated.

No other service in the world comes close to driving this level of accuracy and speed into trust decisioning.

Understanding the trustworthiness of connecting devices

Advanced intelligence provides protection for online transactions, as well as helps detect and prevent fraud from compromised computers, notebooks, tablets and other devices.

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Identifying location and behavior anomalies

Layered location services, including proxy-piercing, identify true location and detect attempts to shield or spoof the location from which a transaction is originating.

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Point-in-time detection of malware, RATs and bots

Hidden malware and Trojans, compromised applications and hacked sessions can leave legitimate customers vulnerable to cybercrime. Behavioral analysis helps differentiate between a human and a bot in real time.

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