Every hour of every day, ThreatMetrix® analyzes 2 to 3 million transactions from more than 200 countries to help identify cybercriminals and trusted customers in real time.

ThreatMetrix makes digital authentication and authorization very hard for cybercriminals but frictionless for trusted customers.

ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network® correlates current user behaviors with history collected globally for more than 1.4 billion digital identities for smarter, faster risk decisioning.

ThreatMetrix uses dynamic decisioning to recognize customers with up to 95-percent accuracy, reducing false positives and providing customers a frictionless experience.


ThreatMetrix is always one step ahead of the cybercriminals who are evolving and adapting their strategies. ThreatMetrix technology is state of the art and the fact that it continues to innovate and release new capabilities is key for us.

—Clemens Henle, Chief Operating Officer, markt.de

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