The ANZ Cybercrime Report is based on actual cybercrime attacks from April-June 2018 that were detected by the ThreatMetrix® Digital Identity
Network® (The Network) during real-time analysis and interdiction of fraudulent online payments, logins and new account applications.

These transactions are
analyzed for legitimacy 
based on hundreds of 
attributes, including device 
identification, geolocation,
 previous history and 
behavioral analytics.

The Network and
its real-time policy
engine provide unique
insight into users’ 
digital identities, even 
as they move between
 applications, devices
 and networks.

Companies benefit
 from a global view of 
risks, based on these 
attributes and rules 
that are custom-tuned 
specifically for their

Attacks discussed
 in this report are 
from high-risk
 transactions scored
 by our customers.

Q2 2018 ANZ Cybercrime Report

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