The ThreatMetrix Accelerate Program provides comprehensive resources for partners to position, deploy and support ThreatMetrix solutions, delivering greater customer value and enhancing revenue opportunities. Accelerate addresses the entire partner lifecycle – from sales and technical enablement through deployment and customer support. This makes the opportunity to deliver industry leading fraud and digital identity solutions more compelling than ever.

Our partners apply ThreatMetrix solutions to solve the critical challenges of authenticating users and protecting customers in today’s global, online and mobile world. Partners are a critical component of our global strategy. The Accelerate Program demonstrates our commitment by delivering end-to-end tools and expertise to support our partner’success. Together we serve 1000’s of clients worldwide by delivering transformative solutions and exceptional customer satisfaction.

Partner Benefits

The Accelerate Program features two tiers: Premier and Authorized. Partners can obtain a greater a level of benefit with increased revenue and resource commitment. Both levels have access to the Digital Identity Network and the power of our global shared intelligence. The program also provides focused partner resources, including alliance management, marketing, training, services and support professionals. ThreatMetrix provides the support and resources to enable our partners to achieve:

  • Differentiated Customer value – Leverage the unique power of ThreatMetrix global shared intelligence
  • New Revenue Streams – Drive new digital identity offerings and services to support your customers. and leverage of ThreatMetrix offerings
  • Increase Profits – Grow business opportunities with new and existing customers, while accelerating time to revenue
  • Stronger Customer Loyalty – Drive adoption of the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network for unique and unmatched value ensuring greater customer satisfaction and retention

ThreatMetrix Partner Program Benefits

Joint Marketing
Webinars, collateral, social, web, case studies, etc and marketing content with customizable assets
Annual plan to align priorities, budgets and resources
Premium placement on ThreatMetrix website
Events (seminars, receptions, conferences, etc)
Access to co-marketing funding


Sales Enablement
Sales Toolkit (solution cheat sheets, PPT Slides, ROI calculator, etc)
Deal registration for joint pipeline development and coordination
Pre-sales Support for launch, RFP support and knowledge transfer
Joint sales training


Certification and Technical Services
Achieve certification via on-demand training center
On-site training for technical resources
Access to ThreatMetrix Knowledge Base
Best practice and optimization services
Technical customer support (may be subject to additional fees)

Requirements and Criteria

Resources – Partners need to commit the resources and develop the skills necessary to sell, deliver and support ThreatMetrix solution value for customers.

Certification – Authorized partners are required to maintain certified personnel to effectively sell and support ThreatMetrix solutions, based on type of partnership.

Revenue – Partners must meet annual revenue and pipeline thresholds with the support of ThreatMetrix resources.

Business Plan – A business plan is essential to aligning support to achieve success. ThreatMetrix provides a business plan template to be completed annually.

Partner Certification and Training

Investments in developing ThreatMetrix expertise will enable partners to better identify opportunities, as well as design, deliver, and support them. Certification ensures delivery expertise, resulting in high customer satisfaction.

Available certifications include:

Sales/Pre-sales – Learn to identify opportunities and drive new revenue growth

Service Engineer – Get the skills to design and implement solutions, including API and mobile SDK

Fraud Analyst – ensure your fraud analysts can leverage the intelligence ThreatMetrix delivers and can most effectively leverage our production portal

Customer Support – Enable your support teams to effectively troubleshoot and resolve any issues

ThreatMetrix Accelerate can help you be more effective in solving critical customer needs for authenticating digital personas and transactions for online and mobile business. We want to support the growth of business for you and ThreatMetrix, through more fully tapping the customer value of our solutions and reaching new customers.

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