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Financial Services Firms Worry More about Fraud than Customer Convenience According to New Report

Posted February 4, 2010

Trend Speaks to Growth in Credit Card Fraud and Need for New Fraud Prevention Tools

LOS ALTOS, CA–January 26, 2010–ThreatMetrix™, the fastest growing provider of device identification solutions for preventing online fraud, today announced the results of at new research report in online banking, “Trends in Online Banking: Fraud Prevention and Customer Authentication.”

The survey was conducted in Q4 2009 and was performed by Gatepoint Research in conjunction with ThreatMetrix. Over 2,079 senior level executives, with 66% of the respondents employed by companies having annual revenues of $5 billion or more, were invited to participate.

“With the online banking community under assault every day from highly sophisticated, well organized, and motivated, professional fraudsters, it’s really not surprising that executives would cite new online credit card account registrations as their number one major source of risk resulting in financial loss,” said Tom Grubb, vice president of marketing, ThreatMetrix. “But the surprise finding in the report was that 61% of respondents felt that preventing fraud was more important to their online business than customer convenience. The reality is that customer satisfaction can’t take a back seat to reducing online fraud. Companies need to combat online fraud and focus on customer success and satisfaction.”

According to Grubb, banks and merchants spend large sums of money to identify and block suspicious credit card purchases and applications, but many of these technologies were designed to prevent fraud by means other than the Internet. The result is that in their eagerness to reduce online fraud, many banks and merchants have also unwittingly blocked legitimate orders thereby leading to lost valid orders, long-term damage to their brands, and a negative customer experience.

Other key findings from the report include:

  • Respondents overwhelmingly cited new credit card applications (56%) as the top risk of financial risk of financial loss from fraud.
  • Over half of the respondents stated that CNP (card not present) purchases carry the most risk of loss.
  • 65% of respondents predict an increase in online fraud attempts using stolen or synthetic customer credentials over the next 18 months.
  • 56% of respondents indicated that more than 5% of customer authentication attempts are fake or fraudulent.
  • The two most cited priorities for new online customer authentications were reducing fraud losses and protecting their brand.

For a free copy of “Trends in Online Banking: Fraud Prevention and Customer Authentication,” go to .

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