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ThreatMetrix Expands Innovation Leadership with Two New Patents

Posted September 28, 2012

San Jose, California – (September 28, 2012)

Additional Patents Enhance ThreatMetrix’s Track Record of Continuous Innovation in the Cybersecurity Landscape

ThreatMetrix®, the fastest-growing provider of integrated cybercrime prevention solutions, announced today that the United States Patent Office recently granted the company two patents to enhance cybercrime detection and prevention.

For several years, patented technology and ongoing product enhancements have enabled ThreatMetrix to lead the industry with continuous innovation in cybercrime detection and prevention solutions. An unwavering commitment to innovation is required to keep on par with the rapid evolution of attacks from criminals and fraudsters.

The following patents were granted:

U.S. Patent 8,141,148: “Method and System for Tracking Machines on a Network Using Fuzzy GUID Technology” This patent provides the cornerstone technology for cookieless device identification and global device recognition that is impervious to cookie deletion and copying. This technology is available through ThreatMetrix SmartID™, which goes beyond traditional device identification solutions by utilizing device fingerprint attributes as the foundation for assessing the risk associated with online transactions. This technique does not rely on cookies, which can be wiped or blocked. As browsers evolve to offer “private browsing modes” cookieless device identification will become a must have for securing mission critical applications.

U.S. Patent 8,176,178: “Method for Tracking Machines on a Network Using Multivariable Fingerprinting of Passively Available Information” This patent provides ThreatMetrix with the most advanced device recognition risk assessment available to detect fraudsters using proxies and VPNs. It is based not only on the most complete view of a device and its packet fingerprint, but also takes into account the broader context or historical information about the device. This enhances ThreatMetrix’s ability to understand the true geo-location of devices to minimize the chance for fraudsters to escape detection.

“Our most recent patents validate ThreatMetrix’s ongoing commitment to innovation leadership,” said Reed Taussig, president and CEO, ThreatMetrix. “With cyber attacks growing and evolving daily, it’s critical that we advance our defenses more quickly than cybercriminals and our competitors. ThreatMetrix remains committed to being best in market and taking the lead in helping our customers fight the ongoing battle against cybercriminals.”

Recent highlights of ThreatMetrix’s continuous innovation include:

• 2012: VPN and phishing detection

• 2012: Integrate device identification and malware protection into a single product

• 2011: Full encryption of customer data using private keys

• 2011: ThreatMetrix SmartID™ and ThreatMetrix ExactID™

• 2008: Customer-accessible rules engine

• 2007: Pierce proxy to determine true IP of device

• 2005: Ability to identify active botnets and command and control centers in real-time

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