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ThreatMetrix ID is the world’s first unique, anonymous customer identifier that revolutionizes digital authentication and fraud prevention. It unites online and offline attributes in real time enabling organizations to establish the true digital identity of their customers.

Main Components


An anonymous alphanumeric identifier for each of 1.4 billion recognized users across the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network


An interactive visualization based on the Digital Identity Graph of all devices, credentials, threats and behavioral attributes related to an identity


A dynamic score to qualify the likelihood of a current event being associated with a designated ThreatMetrix ID


A dynamic score that reflects the reputational integrity of the ThreatMetrix ID for a given transaction

Innovations Behind ThreatMetrix ID


Smart ID is an HTTP device fingerprint calculated in the cloud and optimized for persistence across standard PC lifecycle events. It works without the use of cookies and is calculated from hundreds of device attributes that are measured in real time.

Exact ID is an HTTP fingerprint that is optimized for identity assurance. It relies on a variety of markers to give 100-percent accuracy in identifying a device. Like SmartID, ExactID is calculated in the cloud and is immune to theft, spoofing or replay.

ThreatMetrix TrueIP is a proxy piercing technology that allows businesses to see the actual IP address of the connecting user and provides a number indicating how close the True IP is to the Proxy IP in terms of IP address. TrueIP detects traditional anonymous proxies as well as those used by botnets.

Trust Tags are digital labels that can be applied to various combinations of entities within a user’s persona to indicate their trustworthiness. Trusted users are therefore quickly recognized and experience less friction.

Persona ID is a rules-based mechanism for enabling real-time linkage of a current transaction to related transactions through a matrix of attributes associated to the visitor, device and connection. It uncovers anomalous behavior in real-time through the association of related historical activity.

Persona DB is an extensible, enterprise-accessible database that allows an organization to privately and securely store and retrieve identifying attributes, characteristics, and behaviors associated with its users and customers.

Smart rules power ThreatMetrix unique “clear-box” machine learning. They allow organizations to create custom variables, rules, models and policies to analyze dynamic behavioral history to accurately detect complex fraud patterns with minimal false positives.

Smart Learning a proprietary approach to machine learning that enables businesses to not only use the output of the cognitive model but to also understand the insights that drive the model. With this clear-box approach, ThreatMetrix provides insight into why the machine thinks the information is good or bad.

Strong Device ID is a convenient and secure mechanism to assert that a device in question is the same device that was originally registered through a cryptographic-based PKI certificate.

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