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5 Reasons To Choose ThreatMetrix®

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1. Prevent Fraud, Maximize Revenue and Protect Digital Assets Without Impacting the User Experience

With ThreatMetrix, you will be using the most powerful system available to screen users in real-time without impacting the user experience. You will know exactly who is attempting to engage with your application and whether they can be trusted or not. E-commerce sites can maximize revenue by making sure that they turn away fraudsters without inconveniencing legitimate customers. Financial services companies gain additional protection against account takeover, and enterprises large and small can protect access to IP and other digital assets with streamlined, context-based authentication. Every organization can benefit from removing the added logon friction imposed on users by other authentication solutions. ThreatMetrix is the easiest and best solution to achieve your security goals while protecting the user experience.

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2. One Platform – Providing Comprehensive Context-based Authentication

ThreatMetrix is the only vendor that provides all of the data capture and analysis processes necessary to secure your applications in a single solution. The following vital procedures and capabilities are all included:

  • Profile devices and identify threats. ThreatMetrix profiles desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets – individually identifying each device and detecting anomalies and malware that indicate a high risk transaction.
  • Examine user identity and behavior. ThreatMetrix analysis incorporates comprehensive details about online user identities and behaviors such as username, password, email address and more into a dynamic Persona ID, the foundation for precise risk assessment.
  • Configure business rules. ThreatMetrix offers a powerful yet easily customizable Policy Engine that allows you to model your business process and incorporate your own tolerance for risk. Risk scores incorporate identity, behavior and transactional anomalies.
  • Validate business policy. Using ThreatMetrix, you can constantly evaluate and verify risk scores, associated risks, and corresponding business policies. Customer information and data can be shared across the entire Global Trust Intelligence Network.
  • Perform detailed analysis. Using ThreatMetrix visualizations and analytical reports, your security and fraud analysts can see and understand the activities regarding your enterprise applications, and take the necessary steps to improve security and reduce fraud.
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3. Access the Power of Shared Global Trust Intelligence

Through the power of “anonymized” Shared Global Trust Intelligence each ThreatMetrix customer immediately benefits from the combined insight into the activities of fraudsters and hackers generated by all 4000 customers in the network. Every day ThreatMetrix profiles tens of millions of site visitors and their devices, and each month processes over a billion logins, payments, and other transactions across our entire customer set. Our Global Trust Intelligence Network is the repository for this wealth of real-time transaction data. While other solutions collect limited information about devices, ThreatMetrix customers benefit from deep intelligence obtained from the largest set of anonymized Shared Global Trust Intelligence, encompassing devices as well as transactions, user identities, and user behaviors. This level of detailed information is required to provide a complete picture into who is attempting access your mission critical applications.

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4. Complete Protection from Malware Attacks

Only ThreatMetrix offers a full-featured system that includes malware detection and protection in addition to device and user identity. ThreatMetrix provides a real-time solution that analyzes all devices connecting to your website, identifying threats such as browser and session based Trojans and Man-in-the-Browser attacks, web browser spoofing, masked users, page modifications in real-time, and other malware. For especially high risk or sensitive transactions, an integrated secure browsing application provides additional protection.

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5. Low Total Cost of Ownership

The TrustDefender™ Cybercrime Protection Platform is the fastest and most cost-effective way to protect the integrity of your systems and online transactions. As a cloud based solution, it requires no installation, and there’s no hardware or software to manage. Every customer benefits from industry best practices that are shared through Global Policies. Combined with comprehensive and powerful tools that reduce administrative tasks, ThreatMetrix is the easy winner in having the lowest total cost of ownership.

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